Paige Mikkal

My Latest Work

Here I present a gallery of work that embodies my commitment to enhancing user experience, forming connections with audiences, and delivering designs with a meaningful impact.

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Website Design

Central Arkansas LASIK

Unleashed Health & Fitness

Knowledge Hive

Knowledge Hive, a recently launched business, needed a website to share their purpose and gain an audience. My team and I decided they needed a clean, modern, and unique design to help them stand out. Assigned as the lead for this new web branding project, I conducted industry research, competitor analysis, devised a design guide, and designed the final layout for the website as a whole. I also designed the secondary page template for the use of my team members to build out the other pages of the site.  Feel free to explore the outcome—I am pleased with the final product!

Silo Compliance

This website was my first project as a web designer during my internship. It’s a clean and organized site that taught me the value of simplicity, showing that even straightforward designs can be professional and impactful.

Arkansas Renaissance Festival

Designing the website for AR Renaissance Festival was enjoyable! Also assigned as the lead on this project, I had the opportunity to exercise creative freedom with the theme to create an adventurous atmosphere. My responsibilities included conducting research of designs within the industry, building a style guide, leading the final layout design, and creating the secondary page template for my team members.

City of Morrilton

As the lead designer for the City of Morrilton’s website, my goal was to create a modern and lively presence that would not only attract visitors to the city but also encourage individuals to consider Morrilton as a place to live. I researched the websites of other cities to find examples of layouts and colorful palettes to show my team. While collaborating with my team on ideas, we decided the colorful palette was perfect for the site to give it more character. Additionally, we decided to incorporate Morrilton’s distinctive wave shape, a key element from their logo, into the layout for brand consistency. From then I was able to build out the layout and complete it to what you see now. Later, I also designed the secondary page template for my team members to use to build out the rest of the site. 

Branding Design

Perle Logo and Package Branding

We Are The 22 Logo Design

WAT 22, a veteran suicide prevention organization, reached out for a redesign of their current outdated logo. The goal of this project was to create a new modern and visually impactful identity for them to attract a larger support audience. I wanted to reflect the organization’s mission but also pay homage to the veterans with the new design so I decided to take inspiration from old military patches. The final logo is a perfect display of a modern, bold, and devotional redesign.

Magazine Layout Design

During my time as the Layout Editor for Vortex Magazine, located on the UCA campus, I played an important role in shaping the visual identity and presentation of the publication. Working from August 2020 to May 2022, my primary responsibilities included designing and formatting the entire layout of the magazine, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presentation of all featured works.

Illustrative Design

Figure 1 and Figure 2

The goal of this project was to combine my skills in traditional painting and contemporary graphic design while also conveying a positive and uplifting message about love and kindness to my audience.

In “Figure 1” the audience is encouraged to extend kindness and love to others, inspiring empathy and compassion in interpersonal relationships. In “Figure 2,” the focus shifts inward, emphasizing the importance of self-love and kindness. This dual narrative creates a complete perspective on the theme, encouraging a balanced and inclusive approach to love and kindness.


For this project, I aimed to capture the essence of those incomplete flashes that accompany the recollection of special memories. When recalling a memory we can never remember everything but only the most important aspects such as the sounds, the colors, the feelings, or a face. I wanted to recreate what I see when recalling memories so I pulled photos of special events from my phone and collaged them together to create those abstractions from my mind. 


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